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Love Is Lit Podcast

Real chit chat with your favorite couple.......lets GOOOO!!!!



Feb 26, 2021

This week Hubby found a new questionnaire to get to know each other! Here's the link..    SO LET'S BEGIN!

PodShout of the week: Stressed Depressed & Anxious @sd_anxious

Don't forget new drops will be Fridays!

Feb 19, 2021

PodShout- One Mic: Black History Podcast. @onemichistory 

inventors and daily life.

valentines crimes,

raw discussion:: @loveislit.


Feb 12, 2021

We're a celebrity couple?! Also, did you know...?

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Feb 5, 2021

Join us as we kick start the month rewinding to an old segment, Reddit Or Not, splashed with a heartbreaking story from Hubby’s past!! Love you pocket amigos 🖤

Don’t forget to check out this week’s PodShout: 
Black Chick Lit (@blackchicklit) hosted by @Dani_Lacey (DL) & @emsgotta (EM)